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A motor vehicle can easily consist of 10,000 or more parts. In vehicle manufacturing, different materials are combined in a multitude of highly complex processes. All parts are subject to development, tests and production steps typical of the industry.

Even the smallest mass-produced products, such as screws or seals, can lead to worldwide recalls of several million vehicles due to product defects. From simple product liability losses with a straightforward supply chain to recalls involving many different companies and resulting in claims costs in the hundreds of millions of euros, automotive claims account for a large volume of PLANALYZE’s services.

PLANALYZE has also successfully handled claims relating to e-mobility (batteries, cable harnesses, electric motors, converters) for many years.

Mechanical and plant engineering

As specifications regarding product quality, environmental and climate protection and plant safety increase, requirements for machines and production plant parts are also increasing. Slightly unbalanced rotating system parts, tolerances exceeded in the micrometre range during part processing, minimal quality fluctuations in the material or deviations in assembly processes can quickly lead to extensive consequential damages. Given the complexity of machines and systems, a broad technical understanding, in-depth expertise and extensive experience in machine damage are needed in order to carry out a technical evaluation of the causes and liabilities.

Plant and mechanical engineering is a key area of expertise, one in which PLANALYZE has extensive experience and knowledge of hydraulic valves and power plant turbines, from injection moulding machines to oil drilling platforms.

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Plastic, chemical and process engineering

Many products of everyday use are manufactured using chemical products. In addition, plastics have replaced many traditional materials. In order to evaluate the causes of defects, in-depth knowledge of manufacturing techniques is also required.

Covering a wide range of defects such as cohesion fractures in the adhesive of decorative films, contaminant migration from colour formulations, stress corrosion cracking on plexiglass, paint solvent contamination, strength problems in plastic automotive parts or contact corrosion on connector surfaces, PLANALYZE has been conducting assessments, investigations and cost audits in this diverse area for decades.

IT, electrical engineering

Nearly every electrical device produced in the field of medical, communication, building, entertainment or other technology is equipped with electronic assemblies or even special programmable modules and accompanying software. Devices are also becoming progressively miniaturised and functionality requirements, power densities and optimised production processes are increasing.

Software applications are also becoming more sophisticated and are taking over more and more control tasks for plants. PLANALYZE has been successfully processing claims in this rapidly developing field for many years.

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Food technology, microbiology, toxicology

Food product recalls and warnings are announced nearly every day by supermarket chains and chemists, and are also a topic of high interest for the public and the media. They can have a wide variety of toxicological, hygienic, microbiological or physical causes and can be traced back to faults such as glass shards in production, aflatoxins, listeria, flavour deviations due to incorrect formulation or hygiene deficiencies.

As part of its core competencies, the experienced team of PLANALYZE food experts correctly evaluate these causes and provide a comprehensible risk assessment in addition to evaluating such damages in financial terms.

Fire damage and construction damage

Fire damage usually extends well beyond the initially visible extent of damage. The reliable testing of the fire-related measures required on building parts, machines, inventory, property, soil and water is an interdisciplinary challenge.

Incorrect execution, planning or construction product defects and construction risks can also lead to costly construction damage, the evaluation of which requires expert assistance.

With teams of experts carefully selected according to the given incident, PLANALYZE has been handling complex issues such as laptop fires, gas pipeline explosions, cracked tiles and airport terminals for more than 20 years.

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Environmental liability and environmental damage

It can be very challenging in certain cases to detect damage caused by impact on the environment. Extensive environmental experience is required, along with knowledge of the relevant legal definition. With decades of expertise and close cooperation with insurers, we can correctly classify a case of environmental damage and assess it in terms of insurance policy. The extent of environmental damage can be vast. Moreover, it is a topic that is regularly discussed by general public and therefore has additional potential for conflict.

PLANALYZE provides insurers with professional assistance and claims assessments for all kinds of incidents including dust drift, damage caused by geothermal energy, leaking oil drums and contamination extending across several counties.

Business interruption, damage to property and trust

In addition to direct property damage, product damage and inadequate provision of services can also lead to indirect financial losses due to business interruptions and, in turn, capacity losses or production downtime which, along with damage to trust, are not covered by traditional product liability models.

Depending on the requirements of the policy type, PLANALYZE calculates costs due to business interruptions or other factors, such as fraudulent activities carried out by employees at a given company.

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Other specialist fields

In addition to the above areas of expertise, PLANALYZE also processes claims in specialist fields such as

  • Textile and clothing manufacturing
  • Energy supply, high-performance technology
  • Medical technology, medical products
  • Fruit and vegetable cultivation
  • Fire and explosion damage
  • Printers, printing machines
  • Steel and scrap contamination
  • Power failure damage
  • Faulty product tests/releases

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