PLANALYZE GmbH is an international expert organisation with a team of surveyors highly qualified in all areas of professional claims assessment, such as determining the causes of damage and assessing claims costs.

Since its founding, PLANALYZE GmbH has assessed more than 4,000 claims, including claims of up to €600 million.

About us

Partner of the insurance industry and industrial sector

PLANALYZE GmbH has a team of experts highly qualified in all areas of claims management and technical and scientific consulting.

For more than 20 years, PLANALYZE GmbH has been producing expert reports to assist national and international insurance companies in handling major claims.

In addition to determining the events leading up to the damage and the cause of the damage, PLANALYZE also has extensive expertise in assessing claims costs.

PLANALYZE provides comprehensible reports that contain the technical information and economic evaluations required by insurance companies for the assessment of liability and coverage.

Our team

Our experts are at your service with many years of experience in process engineering, biology, environment, geology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, food technology/toxicology, business administration, data processing, civil engineering, chemistry and materials testing.

We will be happy to advise you. Just call +49 6438 83679-0 and we will forward you to the relevant expert.

Our clients

We have extensive experience, having successfully processed several thousand claims on six continents and claims costs in the hundreds of millions. With our high degree of flexibility, we have been able to adapt to the rapid changes in the market and the individual aspects of every claim for more than 20 years.

In addition to renowned industrial companies, PLANALYZE also counts national and international insurance companies among its clients.

The main focus of our activities is the handling of claims in all areas of business liability, product liability, environmental liability and product protection insurance as well as environmental damage, fidelity insurance and business interruption.

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Bei PLANALYZE wurden die Arbeitsstrukturen so angepasst, dass wir weiterhin zu gewohnten Geschäftszeiten und über die bekannten üblichen Kontakte für Sie erreichbar sind.


Ortstermine werden weiterhin wahrgenommen, sofern die Einhaltung der aktuellen Verhaltens- und Hygiene-Regeln möglich ist. In Fällen, wo eine Gefährdung der Kontaktpersonen vor Ort und unserer Sachverständigen nicht ausgeschlossen werden kann, besteht in der Regel auch die Möglichkeit einer Tele-Begutachtung.


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