For over 20 years, PLANALYZE has been assisting international insurers and companies in the assessment and regulation of claims.

Service standards

When handling damage claims, such as industrial incidents or claims in the environmental and food sectors, it is essential to react quickly. PLANALYZE is highly available, flexible and mobile, ensuring fast reaction times. We generally send out confirmation of the assignment and get in contact with insurers, brokers, policyholders or claimants within 24 hours of receiving a request, or within three hours in urgent cases requiring immediate action or for major claims.

By implementing a flexible project controlling system, applying the four-eyes principle in our work and conducting internal quality audits, we are able to guarantee consistently high quality standards, dependability and reliable assessments.

Claim segments

Within the scope of insurance claims, PLANALYZE focuses mainly on liability (industrial liability, extended product liability) and product protection.

In addition, PLANALYZE has extensive experience in the following segments:

– Environmental liability/environmental damage insurance
– Planning liability insurance
– Construction liability insurance
– D&O insurance
– Fidelity insurance
– Business interruption insurance
– Cyber insurance

Causes of damage

Knowledge of the technical cause of damage (such as material failure due to faulty material quality) is often only the starting point for further evaluation.

In order to clarify liabilities, we examine how a product or a service was specified and to what extent these requirements were met.

(Co-)liability of the policyholder’s suppliers or of the claimants (for example, due to insufficient quality assurance measures) is also taken into account in claims processing.

Events leading up to the damage

In order to assess liabilities, it is often necessary to chronologically review the events leading up to the damage. To this end, PLANALYZE will clarify various issues, such as the specifications, when and by which companies they were made, or when and how the parties responded.

Usually there is also a connection between the events leading up to the damage and the scope of the damage, for example, in terms of determining warranty periods, limiting production and delivery quantities, and at the time of development, validation and release tests or quality assurance measures. For cases concerning environmental liability/damages, the first verifiable occurrence of damage is determined in order to place it within the insurance period.

Cost assessment and analysis

The auditing of claims costs is a key part of PLANALYZE’s expert activities. In-depth knowledge of the relevant costs within the framework of an insurance contract is required in order to determine removal and installation costs, business interruption costs, and fair value or renovation costs.

Within this context, cost calculations in ERP systems, profit and loss accounts and the claimants’ business evaluations are also analysed. In addition to competent and efficient processing, PLANALYZE ensures the confidentiality of trade secrets.

PLANALYZE also has a wealth of experience in applying comparative values to assess whether costs are reasonable and in line with market standards, and to determine to what extent claimed expenses represent real additional costs.

Cooperation with external institutes

Additional laboratory tests are often required in order to assess the cause of damages, the degree of damage or the re-usability of products.

PLANALYZE has a network of accredited test institutes where the necessary tests can be carried out with court-admissible results. In addition to materials tests, these include qualitative and quantitative chemical tests, microbiological analyses and sensory tests.

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